Talks Nicholas Negroponte: The vision behind One Laptop Per Child

100 Dollar Computer

Talks Ann Cooper Reinventing the school lunch


I have actually mused to myself while looking out at a group of children what a miracle it is that those little bodies can grow and thrive on a diet of corn dogs, chicken nuggets and breakfast cereal. The problem is they can't. And it has become more and more apparent to me that one of the most significant and generous things I can provide my family with are healthy meals.

ESL for Your Dog

Dogs, Horses and Humans the most abused species on the planet according to Ian Dunbar. How our dogs give us the opportunity to learn to really communicate and listen.

Somedays I really feel like my dog is just waiting for me to finally understand her.

So this is dedicated to my dog Pretty, the best puppy EVER!

I will let you sniff on walks. I promise.