Taste Life Twice

Never did I ever think the clinking of plastic bobbles could fill me with giggling joy. But it's true. I hear her across the room as I sit at the computer and she is gurgling and cooing and clinking.

It wasn't too long ago I remember a friend telling me how her baby was swinging on her own. I thought to myself ... you've had that baby a while now and all it can do is swing? But that was before. I do wonder sometimes if I am completely annoying some people with my over zealous 'it's all baby all the time.'

But to tell you the truth if I had to do it all over again so far the only thing I would do differently is to take more pictures, write more posts, share more video. And while I have wondered if taking time out to do these things takes away from the moment I have decided it doesn't. It doesn't take away from the moment if you make taking the moment your way of life.

I count the weeks these days. I count them every time someone asks how old she is. The number changes so fast it makes my head spin. We are screaming through those developmental changes. She has already changed so much.

Taking pictures, writing, recording video ... its the only way I know to slow it down and savor the moment twice.

"We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospection." -- Anais Nin

Tasting life twice ... it's not just for writers anymore.

See her in action!

Happy Horsemanship Nurture or Nature?

Will Kate love horses?
Happy Horsemanship was my favorite book growing up. I loved horses. I took riding lessons at a stable down the road. My pony, Sugar Cookie, was a Chincoteague Pony from Chincoteague Island, Virginia.

My room was full of horse statues. At school I had my "horse friends" and we would play with our horses till the bell rang. I would even pretend my bike was my horse. Every Saturday morning I accompanied my Dad to the Southern States Feed Store and had my lead and bridle picked out, purple of course, for the day I would get my horse.

I dreamed of horses and of the day when I was a grown up because I would have 12 children and each child would have their own pony. I have since changed my ideal family size but I am left to wonder if Kate will love horses.

You see its genetic, this love of horses.

I shouldn't even know this but with the internet I have done a lot of research and discovered that my birthmother and the other females in her family loved their horses. They trained in dressage and actively trained their own horses and had their own ponies as children.

That was such an exciting discovery. Could love of horses be genetic?

They have an annual roundup. I am thinking this should be on my bucket list.

Don't Hold Back

a 8 track music mix to tuck away for rainy days