Exploring Mariposa Reef

The water is 75 degrees and its just crazy.

"Meet you at Mariposa Reef!" "Call me when you leave the house. See you at the reef."

And so we started to paddle towards the reef. The flattest day by far all summer. Flat and mid 70s water temp.

Diving under we saw lots of Garibaldi, the California state fish. The boards just floated as we took snorkel and mask to check out the reef. I couldn't help but remember this childrens' storybook about otters I read as a kid. They packed their little waterproof bags and would swim to each others houses and play in the water.
I'm a long way from shore. My legs feel very vulnerable just hanging in the water and I wonder if anybody will consider them a tasty treat. I pull my legs up on the board to look like I am just lounging, but really I have just realized that I am in the ocean and other things live here and I don't know anything about this place.

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