where I am a little more E and a little more me

What I mean by more E.
Ever heard of the Myers-Briggs personality test? The assessment divides into four personality preferences. The initial category, the attitude category is your preference for how you interact in the world. The E personality prefers to experience externally. I don't need an assessment to tell me I am without a doubt all I. I like to reflect. I like my internal life. So I like to think of my blog as where I share and reflect a little more externally, a little more E. Myers-Briggs assessment suggested it might even be good for me to have a place to express myself. Check your personality type.

It's Where I Share
My digital scrapbook where I lifestream, play, tell stories and share. It's kind of my personal playground and laboratory. (Please use the British pronunciation, la-BOR-a-tor-y as it rolls out more playfully). I used to have boxes and boxes of journals and sketches that no one ever saw. Some I have and some are lost forever. They weren't masterpieces but why should I put it in a journal? Why not share?

Moving Off Private Street
So I am moving off private street. Going public but continuing to write for myself alone. Let it go and let it keep moving. I can be found on Twitter.com @lisamcclure being a little more E. But here is where I need more than 140 characters for my I self. There are posts I want to do simply because I want to do them ... it's fun and why not share.

San Clemente is Home
You can find me in San Clemente, where I have now landed and intend to stay until the day I die. It's Mayberry by the sea this place I call home. It's not the only place I have called home. There are other places and times that have that title. It's a dichotomy I still haven't solved. Maybe I'll leave it that way, unresolved. I kind of like the way it pulls at my heart, makes me feel like I am in a movie.

Day or night you can peek in on us in San Clemente. Our city's 24 hour pier cam is always on and streaming.

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