Thursdays are for Piano

The sanctuary of Darrolyn's is available to me every Thursday if I choose to take the mission. That mission being taking Ella to piano lessons.

Darrolyn's is a place of infinite color. Her home is a rainbow and every holiday is accounted for. It's a weird trip back in time as I think of my own piano teacher Mrs. Mord. I am reminded of her collection and obsession with all things frog. Just like Darrolyn my Mrs. Mord was a colorful character. A multitude of frogs in various positions and circumstances decorated her studio where she sat with each child.

There is still one poster I remember to this day. It was a poster of a frog (of course) stretching to reach a branch. The caption was something along the lines of "those in uncomfortable positions make the most progress."

Darrolyn sends us home each week with a quote. We take a picture to remember the moment.

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