Birth Stories, Christmas Trees & Middle Names

From One of my earliest holiday memories

One of my earliest holiday memories is of sitting in the dark living room with my Mom admiring the lights on the Christmas tree. We sat really close on the couch, just her and I. She told me the story of my adoption.

After six years of being on an adoption waiting list it didn't seem likely that their wish would be fulfilled. But one night, my Mom told me that in a dream her father who had passed years before said "you are finally going to get your little girl."  A phone call was received on a Friday and on Monday I was with my family. I share a birthday with my mother's father, John Milton Hudson.

This year my Mom passed away January 11, 2010 and this year my daughter Kate was born on December 11. Her full name is Katherine Hudson McClure. Tomorrow she will be two weeks old, the age I was when adopted.

Tomorrow is Christmas.

From Katherine Hudson McClure HELLO WORLD!

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