Baby Sign Language Basics Arrived

A day early, it arrived a day early! The book I ordered on baby sign language. I am very excited about this. Here is the idea, children understand language far earlier than they can speak. Sign language bridges the gap and starting as early as 6 months you can start signing to your child and they will in time sign back. I so want to know what Kate is thinking. I clearly remember following the conversation of the adults at 9 months. I know we don't give them the credit they deserve.

So now I am reading up on how to integrate the signs into our daily life. I know Ella will help me. We are going to pick some routine signs and some signs of items that really excite her. Just like training a puppy or a husband you have to keep it fun and not work.

Just like the baby tapes this is one of those things I was so excited about experiencing and its happening now. That is pretty wonderful stuff, pretty wonderful stuff.

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