Days of Purple Tights and Tony Lamas

I wanted to say "I too wore purple tights little chickie."
I too wore purple tights little chickie.

Yesterday I was walking the dog. It was Friday night. I saw a girl in purple tights.

My Friday nights are mellow. I love to go to bed right after Ella is all tucked in. I bring a book and I fall asleep with my glasses on and book in my lap. When I wake up bright and early on Saturday morning I slink out and try to find where Darin set my book and glasses so I can come out to the living room and have my quiet time.

But it wasn't always that way.

As I passed a gaggle of girls, starting their Friday night, each with an expectation of their evening and excitement for oncoming adventure. One stuck out. She was wearing purple tights and a skirt that was clearly too short for her comfort as she kept pulling on it, not quite believing that it was covering her "assets."

I took a second look to take in her outfit. Recognizing the 80s being remodeled I wanted to check out what she had put together. She cast me a scolding look as if maybe I disapproved.

I wanted to tell her "Hey Chickie don't be fooled ... I too wore purple tights." Not all your Friday nights are going to look like this.

You too will grow up.

And you just might be surprised at how much more fun life is at 41 in sweatpants walking the dog on a Friday night than being 21 running around looking for .... for whatever it is that we look for.

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