Oracles Anonymous ... So Punk Are You Feeling Lucky?

"Those with fuzzy dice or bumper stickers are not readily distinguishable from other motorists in terms of accidents or risk-taking behaviors."
Oracles Anonymous was a phrase I coined to wean myself away from horoscopes, magic eight balls and other fortune telling devices. Get on the Oracle Wagon and take charge of your own luck was my battle cry.

As the sole member of my OA group I refuse to read my horoscope, even if for only entertainment purposes, I am simply too suggestible.

I gave astrology a shot. I had my chart done, I learned about rising signs and the Moon phases, in fact I tracked them for an entire year and still found absolutely no correlation to my life.

And so I said STOP! It's madness. I felt it took away my ability, my responsibility to "make my own luck."

Plucking daisies, eenie, meeny, miny, moe, all of it has got to go.

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