The Egg of Independence

Easter has passed and there are now 90 days till the Fourth of July.

With plastic grass vacuumed up, singing bunnies tucked back onto the "holiday shelf" and just the remaining candy in homage to the passing holiday my sights are set on the Fourth of July, Independence Day.

What do I want to think about as I watch the fireworks go off over San Clemente Pier?
What do I want to have accomplish in the next 90 days?

Every year the Fourth sneaks up on me. I wait patiently for summer and then before I know it BAM it's the Fourth of July.

Maybe it's because San Clemente is out on a point and our May and Junes can be fogging and overcast. Maybe it's because I get my head stuck in work and don't look up.

Either way it's not happening this year.

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