Meet My Blog Roll

My Blogging Buddies are listed at the side of my blog. I am proud of my collection. They are all IRL (in real life) people that I like to read. Some post more often than others but it's always good stuff.

On my blog they are listed in dynamic order, so whomever posts most recently will receive top billing on the list. It's a quick way for me to eyeball my friends' activity and keep in touch. Of course I run an RSS feed on them but this is visual and immediate.

As you can image, because of his prolificness Darin is generally at the top of my blog roll. And just like is my personal blog is Darin's personal blog. His topics range wildly from media from our days at home in San Clemente to eastern philosophy, local politics, surfing, music anything that catches his eye and is caught by his iPhone or Nikon or Flip.

Maria Brophy
Maria is my friend and fortunately for me Maria is also a smart, kickass, make no compromises business lady. Maria and her husband Drew and son Dylan are inspirational.  I am always learning from them. I turn to Maria's blog for inspiration on creating my life. Maria reminds me of the core business principles which lead to success and reminds me that each of us is responsible for creating our own dreams. So as the Brophys drive around in the "Dream Machine" the updates and inspirational posts help to fuel my own journey.

Ella's blog, because a look into the perspective of Ella is the best thing in the world. It also proves that a 9 year old can blog. We all have things to share and document.

Many moons ago Cheryl and I would find ourselves rolling rock in hand shooting pool at various Burlington, Vermont establishments. Cheryl is smart and creative. She comes from a strong culinary line, you see Cheryl's parent were the owners of the Five Spice Cafe in Burlington, Vermont. That restaurant with it's mock duck dumplings and plum sauce was so far ahead of its time and to top it off Cheryl's mom was named Ginger. I always thought that was fitting. Now Cheryl blogs, cooks and raises her two sons with fun and food. She is witty and sharp and always doing productive fun stuff and it's usually organic.

Lisa M
Lisa M is my time capsule of sorts. You see not that many years ago, well actually make that decades ago, Lisa and I would go to all kinds of vacation spots throughout the midwest with her parents. We were in the backseat journaling and collecting stickers. Lisa's dad was a graphic artist and we would use his left over supplies to make signs and pictures.

Now Lisa is a travel writer. I can hear her voice with every post reminding me of all the fun stuff to do in Minnesota and all the cool independently owned shops with their unique crafts and regional specialties. It's like getting nostalgic for the present.

Again keeping it in the family, Linda is a great video blogger and her material is always so well done. An avid hiker, Linda posts her hikes in the Palm Desert area with lots of helpful information and media. Flowers, birds, food and grandchildren are documented with the creativity and the artistry of Spielberg. If you don't believe me check out Kate's birth announcement. But then everything that GrammaLinda does is done well.

Dianes posts are like little vignettes. Little crafted moments sharing her thoughts and commentary on life and parenting in LA, more specifically Malibu. From the beach to the boardroom, Diane gives you a peek into her life and musings as a CEO of a national temp staffing company and the mother of three little girls. She's a reader, a thinker, a traveler and she cooks too.

Liz taught me how to do a proper lunge but more importantly Liz taught me how to do a proper lunge while laughing hysterically. Liz is awesome and certified in Pilates and as a Personal Trainer. Now Liz is off to nursing school and moved to Carlsbad. I miss her and could use some lunges as my backside has not been engaged in any sculpting activity for quite some time. I miss you Liz.

At 16 Tammy and I sat under a tree and she told me she was going to be a writer when she grew up. In college her cat had kittens and that is how Olivia came into my life. Now Tammy writes novels, teaches writing classes and is mother to two adorable little girls. "Into the Tugleywood" is her commitment to taking an hour everyday to play.

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