My Dream Kitchen iPhone App

I am not kidding when I say I dream of having an optimally organized kitchen. And while I have been intrigued and entertained by productivity and kitchen iPhone apps none ever makes the whole journey for me.

My idea for the ultimate kitchen iPhone app incorporates apps that I have used but goes one step farther by creating one multifunction app which takes the entire journey from shopping for your food to landing the meal on the table and keeping your kitchen properly stocked. Handy cooking and food storage information should be stored within the app for convenient reference.

These are my suggestions. Please go forth and improve on them. Let me know when it's uploaded to the app store so I may purchase it. I thank you in advance. I am available for testing. :)

Keeping a proper inventory is the first function of the app. To make it really cool I want a little augmented reality. Could I just wave my iPhone over my cupboards and closets to see a list of what should be there. Kind of like the Layar app for iPhone.

In the inventory dashboard I would like to keep track of the item, the minimal amount to keep on hand before repurchasing, expiration date, date purchased, storage information, recipe and usage suggestions, freshness cues to look for when purchasing and maybe list the season.

If we could enter the item into the inventory via use of the scanner code that might be nice as well. (Again, I thank you.)

Next I select the recipes I would like to make and the ingredients are then compiled in a shopping list.

Once an item is listed I would like the option to mark the item as having no brand preference or selecting a brand. You see on some items I just want the cheapest, distilled vinegar for example. If I am shopping for balsamic vinegar I am not going to buy the cheapest. I have my favorites. Maybe I would like to try a recommendation, in that case a social or review facet would be lovely. I also like to read reviews from sources like Consumer Reports and America's Test Kitchen. How could that be incorporated.

Before going shopping I can look through my kitchen and take note of any staples which need to be purchased. The list is right there in my phone for whenever I may find myself out and able to swing by the store.

For planned shopping trips select your stores. Maybe you just want to take time to visit Ralphs so only check Ralphs. If you want to compare more prices select more than one store. 

The app will select your best deals and any coupons or specials running.

Plan your shopping trip using the app. Check off your purchases as you shop. You can also export your list and email to someone else.

Am I missing anything?

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