Sisterly Love

Sometimes things work out better than you had ever expected.

I didn't know how Ella would take Kate's arrival. I knew she was excited but I didn't know how the adjustment to the daily demands would treat her. Ella has never had to share her Daddy or the spotlight and I just didn't know if this was going to be difficult.

Darin and I decided that it might be a fun for just him and Ella to go to Disneyland. Our neighbor has worked there for 30 years and treats us to free entry using his pass. A Daddy and daughter day for just them to be together. Of course Ella was excited, but her first question was ... "but when will Kate be able to go."

Then there was the phone. I noticed that Darin had a picture of Kate on his phone. Worried that this might make Ella feel bad I suggested that he really should use a picture of both Ella and Kate. Ella saw the picture and her response was far from what I had feared. She immediately squealed that the picture was so cute. She wanted a copy too, so she could use it on her iTouch.

It's still early and the novelty of changing diapers has not faded. But there is an adoring love that Ella has for her little sister. She dotes on her, sings to her and holds her for hours.

Watching them together just fascinates me.

Here is a post Ella shared about her sister.

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