Why I Will Write

If you are going to wait for inspiration to write you will alway short change yourself. Writing, posting a picture, sharing a thought. It takes practice. It takes experimentation. It takes time. 

The art of articulation can't rely on inspiration. Because as I read on Twitter "if you can't write it down, you don't have an idea."

But to learn how to articulate our thoughts takes practice. It takes practicing every day. And some of it is going to suck. Tolerating how much you suck is really the problem.

You can't just wait for what you want to say to burst out of you because you are inspired anymore than you are going to sit down at a piano and play because you are just really feeling it.

Write today. Don't you want to be at your most articulate, especially when that inspiration does hits.

So I will be writing and posting everyday in 2011. Wanna play?

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